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Below will be listed as the the most common mistakes that bodybuilders and fitness persons tend to make in order to reach as soon as possible the desired goal: LEAN MUSCLE MASS !!!

1. Too much food

Any excess calories get stored as fat. Building muscle mass is the goal number one, a fat enemy number one. Valid established, but wrong rule that if a person is overweight should eat less food that had previously consumed. If a person eats like this, it will lose weight and volumes, but will practically look like a collected version of himself (before reducting meals). The ratio of fatty deposits against the muscle tissue will remain unchanged. The real success is actually losing fat while preserving the existing muscle tissue. In order to achieve that,  the necessary combination of aerobic exercise and a gym should be applied, as well as protein, carbohydrate and fat intake in the right quantity. It is necessary to become aware of the food we take into our bodies. When we buy food should be looked at the labels to see what the food contains. To muscles “survive” it is necessary to bring a large amount of protein. To ensure the necessary fuel for the growth we need quality carbohydrates. There is a fine line between enough and too much food. Everyone is different, individual for himself. It should experiment and track changes, so will get to the right, optimal nutrition that leads to results.

2. Insufficient food

Inadequate nutrition is just as bad as the intake of excessive amounts of food. Physiologically it is impossible to build muscle if the diet lacks the proper foods. Any proper diet includes regular intake of protein, carbohydrates and fats. The trick is that they all are properly balanced. If you get enough quality food will create conditions to build muscle mass. But the emphasis is on the balance of nutrients – as if the entries and the highest quality building blocks in an excessive extent they will be stored as fat. One of the key strategies is to consume clean food, food with little or no fat and sugar. It is necessary to consume a lot of these foods, if one do a lot of  hard training in the gym combined with cardio exercises (which will in any case to increase the metabolic requirements).

3. Not enough protein

The fact is that the protein is the most important ingredient for muscle recovery and growth. It is necessary to enter substantiated clean (oil-free) protein. The fat and protein, mainly existed in the solid food. Meat, fish, dairy products – may contain a higher percentage of fat, although they contain good amounts of protein. In the past, not so much take account of this fact so that consumers have serious problems with cholesterol. The problem was not in the protein than fat, connected to those proteins.
At the present time sources of proteins are skim milk, egg whites,chicken breast, lean fish, beef and of course protein shakes. These are all clean sources of high quality protein without or with very little presence of fat. When moving the training in the gym begins with protein intake of about 1.7 g per kg of body weight to the input gradually increased. Total protein intake is necessary to divide into the 4 to 8 meals so the body is constantly in anabolic phase.

4. Do not cook for themselves

Cooking is a necessary skill. If the goal is really to be successful in bodybuilding or fitness you need to know to prepare food. The person  knows what it feels and what foods need to save in order to have 6 quality meals. It is not the most reliable solution to rely on restaurants, family and fast food. Knowledge of cooking a variety of useful food is also a great help because otherwise the cooking and nutrition can be reduced to a “prison” (uniform) diet. It is necessary to monitor and discover, to experiment, to consult cookbooks, etc. as to what food was varied, as to save the tuna, egg whites, white meat, ie. clean food should be really a lot of imagination.

5. Do not keep a diary diet

“Muscular” elite leads the diaries of what they ate and when. In this way they can follow progress and changes during a feeding. Works long-term game plan and keep a daily record of foods and supplements that are consumed. Record the date, time, type of food, carbohydrates, fats, sugars, sodium content, protein, calorie intake, also a record and the impact of food on the athlete`s total balance… Following the results, noting trends, finding what produces results and what does not , the diary becomes a report on nutrition and its effect and impact on the development and progress. In this way we can take concrete measures and adjustments in training and nutrition, based on established facts and objective analysis. The whole activity of writing in a journal requires only two minutes each day, but in this way comes to valuable data that will be used in the coming years.

6. Too much fat and sugar

Devil’s twins nutrition. Fat is high calorie compared to all the other nutrients, contains nine calories in one gram. It is difficult to digest and the body prefers that the deposited, stored in “stocks”. Despite these facts fat is essential in our diet,  the amount you  brain require and our bodies require to function normally can be provided from the diet that contains little fat.
Any excess sugar, carbohydrates in the body will be converted into fat and settle as fatty deposits. When purchasing a variety of products that are advertised as having low in fat (hence the diet) should be careful because they know that they contain a large amount of sugar and even then, do not look so useful and low-calorie. If it is placed and these carbohydrates are converted to fat and contribute to weight gain. Daily intake of fat should be about 15% of the total food intake.

7. Do not drink enough water

As is known the body is somewhere around 70% is made up of water. It is necessary in the course of the day to drink a sufficient amount of water. The body during training (sweating) is losing a lot of water that must be compensated. One should always bear in mind that the body is sufficiently hydrated – otherwise your body very quickly gets exposed to strong stress if there is no substantiated water. It is a key factor in the breakdown of proteins to amino acids and allowing the body to use the nutrients from food. It also protects the joints as it represents a kind of shock absorber, the pressure on the joints. Water protects our tendons that due to dehydration may be more susceptible to stress and suffering. Water represents a lubricant for the whole body! It is necessary to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, say nutritionists. This figure, when the athletes are concerned, it can and should be much higher.

8. Missing positive level of nitrogen

A positive level of nitrogen is a physiological state in which it is possible muscular development and construction. To achieve this it is necessary to bring the fresh material component to body every 2-3 hours. The human body works best if it gets the food into smaller, regular meals throughout the day. These are equal and properly balanced meals should be made of high-quality protein and carbohydrates.
How can you eat every 2-3 hours when you have to be at work, when you have a family and responsibilities of the real world? Nutritious protein chocolate bars and time of skim milk can provide our body 50g protein and 50-100g of carbohydrates. How long does it take to eat a sandwich? Or drink a protein shake? How about a piece of fruit and a piece of white meat? I think the message is clear. Prepare meals that follow us through our daily activities. When providing positive levels of nitrogen your body is ready, eager and able to grow!

9. Inadequate balance of foods

The balance of foods in meals(bought in stores) is not as recommend by nutritionists. Different schedules have foods in the diet of muscle “elite”. Optimum feeding  involves a skillful combination of high quality protein and fibrous carbohydrates, small amounts of “real” fat and no sugar. The proportions of nutrients vary depending on the individual characteristics. Some people complex carbohydrates create stomach problems so they have to bring in small quantities, while others consume rice and potatoes without any problem. How our body metabolizes food is individual just like hair color or height of the individual. Framework to the proper ratio was 50% of calories from carbohydrates, 35% from protein and 15% from fat. This is the beginning of the proper nutrition, which aims to develop muscle mass with low percentage of fat. When you move to this way of eating should follow the results and changes in the body and accordingly corrected apply the nutrients in installments. The simplest way to make this relationship a meal is to fill half the plate with carbohydrates that will be made up of half rice and half of fibrous vegetables (broccoli, green beans, etc.) and the other half filled with non-fat meat (protein). As for fat, and they are there in the flesh, therefore, is that 15% satisfied.

10. Neglecting the importance of supplements

Diet that requires bodybuilding and other sports, and in general all the other diets have still small holes and gaps, which  are filled with supplements. Prices, confusion about supplements are often the reasons why they are not used enough and in time (even by the sports coaches usually are not recommended, because they themselves are not substantiated informed and knowledgeable in the whole issues). This is a big mistake! Proper use of supplements such as various multivitamin packs, protein shakes, amino acids, creatine, glutamine, it is possible to achieve much better results in terms of recovery, energy and achieve a superior goal: large and strong muscles !!!

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DISCLAIMER: We are not doctors nor health professionals, so please consult with your doctor before starting any new diet or fitness program. Do not start any fitness program without consulting with your doctor. If you experience any pain or discomfort, please stop immediately and talk with your doctor.

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