How to get rid of cellulite

Many of the female population have a problem called “cellulite”.The big question is “How to get rid of cellulite”? It may be disappointing to you, but below you will not get any new magic solution … But if you want to know the truth about cellulite and the way to get rid of cellulite permanently, or at least reduce to the extent that it is completely invisible, read the text below.

Cellulite is a “fat” in the form of swelling, bumps and protrusions (like orange peel) which are particularly deposited on the upper part of the thighs, buttocks, seating region, stomach and knees. Cellulite is a particular problem (particularly for women), and requires the application of specific measures for its removal, because it represents primarily functional and aesthetic problem.
Cellulite is formed in the connective tissue. This material (which is not everywhere the same thickness) gives the female body curves. Round fat cells and substances that are bathed in fluid, are held together by a network of fibers through which circulate nutritious liquids -water, blood and lymph and distribute oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and cells and are eliminating harmful substances. When in areas prone to cellulite, the slow process of eliminating harmful substances and accumulation of water and waste materials is leading to thickening of the connective tissue, and thus to the creation of fixed pockets which look like the orange peel.
The main cause of cellulite is a way of life, such as: tension, fatigue, poor eating habits, insufficient water intake, irregular breathing, prolonged sitting, lack of adequate exercise and physical activity, air pollution … As a result, the digestion is bad, comes to constipation and poor blood circulation. That is why there is a delay in the elimination of toxic substances from the body, as well as the water and to the formation of the swollen areas where cellulite is present.  So there is a slowdown in the process of eliminating harmful substances and they retain and after a while, you begin to see it in the mirror.

The appearance of cellulite usually accompanies the beginning of the menstrual cycle, but it can occur in times of menopause. Cellulite is not hereditary, it is created in connective tissue by:

  1. Slowing down the process of elimination excretion
  2. Hardening of the connective tissue
  3. With the retention of harmful substances

There are several  types of cellulite (hard and soft), but what is common in the fight against it is as follows:

  • Proper nutrition – means high quality, balanced diet with the elimination of food
    that leaves the poisonous substances in the body. That means you have to reduce your oily, spicy foods, snacks, most sweets and processed foods. Nutrition is 70% of the success in the fight against cellulite. Base important nutrition: salads, fruits, vegetables – preferably fresh, and spring is the perfect time for it. Eat lean meat clean, you can use spices but without exaggeration. Instead of bread and processed carbohydrates you should be consuming cereals, rice, potatoes, and  instead of snacks you should consume nibble nuts such as almonds. Cut out large, heavy meals and eat lighter food, several times a day to speed up the metabolism.
  • The elimination of waste products of metabolism – means introducing larger volumes of water “washes” the body. Water is very important if you want to get rid of excess fluid from the body and cellulite, you will need to increase fluid intake – and not just any liquid, but the best pure natural water. By accelerated functioning of the kidneys, intestines and skin is leading to accelerating of the destruction of cellulite. Create a habit to always have with you a bottle of water, squeeze lemon or grapefruit to improve taste, and drink a lot the water, especially on hot days. The thing is a habit. You will see very quickly that your skin looks tighter, and you feel a lot fresher and more beautiful. The beauty really comes from within. Also, exercises (training) helps to get rid of harmful products of metabolism.
  • Physical activity – improves metabolism, stimulates circulation, digestion and excretion,
    acting as anti-stress, while it is leading to the replacement of fat tissue with quality muscle tissue. Training is the best fighter against this women`s “menace”(cellulite). What is the best cellulite killer, I will discover you a secret because it showed results for all clients with whom I worked – is a combination of work in the gym (yes, heavy weight) and cardio training. Girls, do not be afraid of big weights and gym, exercise with weights because females find it very hard to get few pounds of muscles. But when you gain few pounds of muscle mass in the lower body, everything looks much better and tighter. Additionally, cardio training, that particular intervention in foot region – such as the treadmill, walking on an incline, eliptcs, stepper, cycling, spinning …
  • Relaxation – what is often overlooked is that stress and tension are proven causes of
    cellulite, and not only cellulite, but also a number of diseases and damages to the organism. Physical activity is certainly one of the most effective stress buster.
  • Breathing and oxidation – Proper and deep breathing allows the combustion of substances retained in the connective tissue that are causing cellulite.
  • Massage – it directly stimulates circulation and to where it’s needed the most by
    using Hg special anti-cellulite creams, oils and gels. You do not have to go to expensive anti-cellulite treatments, find a good masseuse to further stimulate circulation in the body areas with cellulite.

Adherence to these six points can help you get rid of cellulite, but only the consistent and systematic adherence to them will give you the answer how to get rid of cellulite, with appropriate exercises complexes (primarily exercise design) that target particularly vulnerable places, ie. parts of the body where cellulite is usually formed (inner, upper and rear part of thighs, knees, abdomen, hips, seating region, lower back, inner and outer upper arm, ankle and upper back just below the shoulder blades).

Anti-cellulite products – the market is flooded with these products and people are uncertain how much they are really effective. What is certain is that only the use of anti-cellulite gels without the above mentioned items can do very little to help, however, if all to comply, however it may seemed difficult – we believe that it is not, you are on the right path to improve your health and to get more beautiful line. It is hard to recommend the preparation against cellulite, but what I can from personal experience to strongly recommend is the mud against cellulite – apply a layer of mud, wrapped in foil and hold a half-hour, after that the skin is fantastic.

Biggest female enemies are female hormones, but as against it there is nothing you can do, it is just up to you to try harder about nutrition and training. Certainly worth, not only because of cellulite but also for health and good feeling! Because fitness does not mean seasonal training, it is a LIFESTYLE!

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DISCLAIMER: We are not doctors nor health professionals, so please consult with your doctor before starting any new diet or fitness program. Do not start any fitness program without consulting with your doctor. If you experience any pain or discomfort, please stop immediately and talk with your doctor.

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