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Carbohydrates are the main source of energy “fuel” for our daily activities. During the process of digestion, carbohydrates are converted into glucose (blood sugar) circulating in the blood and serves as the main source of energy.

Certainly that are essential to every man for the normal functioning of the body, but we will hereafter focus on those physically active with calorie consumption, and consequently the need for carbohydrates as an energy source, far exceeds the needs of the average person.

We’ll give you the example of athletes who addresses some of the endurance sports – athletics, cycling, football, swimming, tennis, and many others … They are especially important to provide sufficient energy for the strenuous exercise, so that, according to some authors their diet should contain a percentage of even 65-70% carbohydrates. These sports are calorie very demanding, if we take into account that the daily energy consumption in trained athletes sometimes exceeds 6000-10000 kcal.

If you want to get the muscle mass or to gain weight, your diet must be very rich in quality calories, mostly carbohydrates that will ensure that your body still has energy available.

Great dilemma rule about post workout carbs  if you want to lose weight or reduce your percentage of body fat. This fact is the reason that the unused excess carbohydrates are deposited as fat tissue and should certainly should  be given to the selection and timing of consumption. If you are physically active and dieting, you can be sure that the small amount of carbohydrates that you enter after the training will not settle as fat in the body because your muscles are “crying out” for them.

You must have heard somewhere for PWM – it stands for Post Workout Meal therefore consume a meal immediately after training and that has a huge advantage in supplements compared to traditional foods that require hours of digestion in the body – which for us in this case does not match . We have already talked about the importance of the introduction of protein after training, and now we will be based on carbohydrates and how to provide them. Many bodybuilders with the right  say that the PWM is the most important of all meals which have been entered into during the day.

Studies have shown that more than the necessary storage, ie. reimbursement of lost glycogen levels, immediately after completion of the training. In addition, this is the time when drastic increases and accelerates the process of protein synthesis or process of reconstruction and construction of new muscle fibers. What are you waiting for? Give your muscles the material recovery!

Given that glycogen is an important factor for achieving sports form you wonder how it can to encourage and accelerate their compensation in the body after a workout, it is important that the muscle during the  training is spent glycogen stores because the exhausted muscles arises a great need for coal hydrates, and when recovery comes to the super compensation, ie to create larger reserves.
Sports studies have also shown that eating carbohydrates immediately after training, increases levels of the hormone insulin, which is one of the main hormones responsible for the growth of muscle mass along with  growth hormone and testosterone.

In addition, by taking carbohydrates after a workout prevents catabolism, ie. breakdown of muscle, putting them into a state of positive nitrogen balance. Also, this is the most ideal time for the absorption of creatine and amino acids because it is then far greater usability.

Another important fact is that when the levels  in muscle glycogen reserves falls, athletes lose their motivation and self-confidence.

The rest of the daily dose should be distributed throughout the day, first in the morning period and less in the evening when the metabolism is slower, and the period of increased physical activity. If you fill your regular meals with complex carbohydrates, you are providing a stable blood sugar and insulin levels and facilitate the converting of  implanted glucose into glycogen. Also, smaller amounts of carbohydrates can also be used during training or competition.

What form of post workout carbs is best?

Maltodextrin and dextrose are great for a meal after training and they are generally integral parts of many “gainer” for weight gain. Their absorption is extremely fast, which means that quickly restore lost glycogen supplies. Depending on the speed of metabolism and our training intensity, should be 0.5 to 0.7 grams of carbohydrate to each pound of body weight.

Vitargo is a carbohydrate composition that is their appearance on the market, went to the “shadow” maltodextrin and dextrose, because it has a higher molecular weight of which leads to a faster restoration of glycogen, and in addition has a manifold easier passage through the stomach, and their use does not come to the dehydration of the body.

But the revolution in terms of carbohydrates continues !!!


Carbohydrates from corn starch are long chain, high molecular weight, which allows them to pass through the digestive system much faster than carbohydrates from other sources. The important role of carbohydrates from corn starch that is rapidly transported nutrients and proteins to the muscle cells.
What carbohydrates from the corn starch or supplements based corn starch makes a specific,is a high molecular weight of carbohydrates, higher than the molecular weight of dextrose, maltodextrin and Vitargo, which this composition provides the ability for faster passage through the digestive system in relation to these carbohydrates.

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DISCLAIMER: We are not doctors nor health professionals, so please consult with your doctor before starting any new diet or fitness program. Do not start any fitness program without consulting with your doctor. If you experience any pain or discomfort, please stop immediately and talk with your doctor.

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