Top 4 Fitness Mistakes Women Make

The most common mistakes women make when they decide to train.
1. Fear of weights
Girls and women are generally very timid when weights are concerned, primarily because of misconceptions that they will build to much and gain muscle size. For such we have good news, and that is that the muscle mass  is a huge consumer of calories. you’ll have less fat as more muscle mass you have, secondly  muscle size is achieved with very difficult proper nutrition, training and supplementation, thirdly there is no better way of tightening for the entire body of work with weights.
2. Repetition of the same training routine
It also represents the first error because the muscles need time to recover, and if you train every day, you just do not give your body time to recover and thus move away from the desired result. Second, if initially you progress, it will happen very soon deadlock since the body need a constant shock to progress, and it will fail with the monotonous way of training.
3. Exaggeration with cardio
We have already explained in part why it is advisable to have some weight training and cardio activity is catabolic activity and if you overuse it will probably lead to muscle breakdown. Make no mistake, cardio activity is excellent and is recommended if you want you reduce body fat, but exaggeration leads to depletion of the body and the breakdown of muscles.
4. Fear of supplements
Women are in the majority in the delusion that they must not use supplements. We propose a complex of vitamins and minerals, fish oils, amino acids and pure protein from whey recovery and regeneration after a strenuous workout. These supplements will help to secure the health, feel better and more prepared for the next training.
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DISCLAIMER: We are not doctors nor health professionals, so please consult with your doctor before starting any new diet or fitness program. Do not start any fitness program without consulting with your doctor. If you experience any pain or discomfort, please stop immediately and talk with your doctor.

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