What causes muscle cramps

Muscle cramps occur when nerves send uncontrollable impulses to the   muscle cells and therefore the muscles can not relax. In addition, cramp and muscle load leads to muscle cell damage that can later cause the pain.
The pain occurs suddenly, usually lasts a few seconds and is felt intensely. It is most common in the elderly, pregnant women and athletes and at night during sleep or during the day during sports activities.
In many cases, the causes of muscle cramps caused by disturbances in the composition of the electrolyte in the intercellular space that lead to over activity of nerves and thus the incidence of colic. Therefore cramps occur in the arm or leg. Most often cramps  occur when athletes sweat a lot and do not replace the liquids and minerals that are lost through sweating. If the cramps in the muscles begin to appear more often, be sure to consult your doctor.
To acute spasm subsided, it  helpsto  stretch the muscles, which stops nerve impulses that constantly send signals to the muscles and thus stops pain. Also helps to pressure full body weight on the legs and slightly bend your knees.
Taking the preparation of the magnesium is recommended only if the cause of cramps is  deficiency of minerals, but in this case magnesium should not be taken in excessive amounts.
Therefore, do not forget to regularly stretch muscles after training and to drink enough fluids, and ensure ample essential minerals through diet and supplements.

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DISCLAIMER: We are not doctors nor health professionals, so please consult with your doctor before starting any new diet or fitness program. Do not start any fitness program without consulting with your doctor. If you experience any pain or discomfort, please stop immediately and talk with your doctor.

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